Video Showing Dodge Death Wobble.

Luke's Link 4x4 Steering Components

Why Luke's Link

Luke's Link-The industry leader in Solving Steering Problems in Dodge Ram 2nd & 3rd Generation Trucks
If you are the owner of a Dodge, Jeep, or Ford 4x4 Vehicle, and you are experiencing steering problems, then Luke's Link is your instant money-saving long tern solution. Factory parts can be Expensive to replace, and may not give you long-term wear. 
Why Luke's Link?
-Safe-28 Years of Proven Quality- Tens of Thousands of Satisfied Customers-Worldwide
-Cost Saving-Don't Spend 1,000.00 replacing tie rod ends and new track bar. Save, For a Fraction of the cost.
-Ability to make adjustments- Throughout years, parts do wear down, with Luke's Link, you can make adjustments to provide that like new feeling instead of dealing with loose steering.
-Ability to replace parts- If parts ever do wear,  just give us a call. We will send out new parts.
-Versatile products for Doge, Jeep and Ford Trucks
-Installation can be Completed in less than 50 minutes- Using only a few Hand Tools
-Heavy-Duty Ductile Iron- Rated to 40,000 psi- No Welding Required
-Once Installed- Luke's Link is Designed to Solve Tracking Problems for the Life of your Truck.
-Every Kit Comes with Full Detailed-Easy to Read Instructions.
-Same Day/Expedited Shipping Available
-Luke's Link are sold worldwide and shipping is available anywhere.
    Every Luke's Link comes with a Lifetime Guarantee.
-Reduce Waste-Ensure the reduction of metal waste. Instead of replacing the bar when they fail, you reuse the part and replace the worn parts with Luke's Link.
-Patented Product-The design of Luke's Link is unique and has been patented. The patent number is #461325.


Luke's Link Is designed to work on any of these ends, One kit does one end. You can do just the Track bar which is the main bar or to do a complete front end of your truck, you can do all 5 ends
 (4 Tie rod ends, track bar and poly bushing) which we do offer at a big discount. Go to our purchase page to see pricing and order.

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Welcome to Luke's Link. Kits designed for Dodge Ram 2nd & 3rd Generation trucks, Jeep Track Bars and Ford Tie Rod ends. Find out why Luke's Link is your solution!

Dodge trucks have a steering problem that cause the truck to wander or drift while driving down the road. If not corrected, it will develop into what is know as the "Death Wobble or violent shake when hitting a bump"(See Video of it below). This is caused by a loose track bar and or tie rod ends. Quit buying new bars when all you need are the ends.
Luke's Link has the solution. For the 2003-2007.5, We offer the Upgraded Polyuerthane Bushings to replace the stock rubber bushings. These are sold in sets, one for each end. No reason to buy the Bar when all you need are the ends. This will tighten up the steering and keep you straight down the road. 


Dodge Ram 3rd Generation 2003-2007.5 Track Bar Bushing Set.

For the 1994-2002, We offer the Luke's Link Track bar kit. This kit converts your weak ball joint end to a fully adjustable end that is guaranteed to never wear out and keep your truck driving straight down the road. .This kit is greaseable and fully adjustable if it ever gets a little loose by adding a shim. This is not a temporary solution, it is a lifetime solution. Luke's Link is designed to work on the track bar as well as any of the 4 tie rod ends on your truck from 1994-2007.5. It will also work on all Jeep Track bars as well on Ford Tie rod ends from 1980-1997. Luke's Link offers a lifetime guarantee on all our products. Take a look at our purchase page to see the different products we offer and see how to save when purchasing more.


Dodge Ram 2nd Generation                  Dodge Ram 2nd Generation Track
          1994-2002 Track Bar Kit                        Bar Poly Bushing Opposite end

To See if your track bar or tie rod ends are worn, Do the following test.

1. With truck on ground and wheels pointed forward, unlock steering wheel with key, do not start truck as you do not want power steering helping. 
2. Have person rock steering wheel in both directions repeatedly(Hard).  You can check for movement in the upper and lower ends of track bar as well as any of the 4 tie rod ends. You do not want to see any movement up and down.   
3. If you see any movement up and down in any of these joints, they are worn and will be causing problems with your steering. They will need to be replaced.

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